About Us

Having owned horses all their lives, Sharon and Ian run Whydown Equestrian Centre with the benefit if a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Every horse is cared for like it is one of the family, and all enjoy 5 star treatment. Work here starts at 5.45am every day with a  routine that the horses thrive on. All of our horses are all relaxed, calm and happy because they know the routine and know the people who are handling them.

We are here to help and advise where ever possible, with all of the experience that we have gained over the years, having the best instruction from a BHS fellow.

Sharon has worked for the BHS (Britsh Horse Society) for the past 30 years, joining when she left school. Sharon tries to attend as many lectures as possible, and attend committee meetings, as we are all still learning and it is great to get new ideas from like minded people. We never stop learning and a horse will only be as good as it rider.

Every horse cared for like it's one of the family!